Nursing Jobs in Dubai For Foreigners With Salary

You might be wondering where to look in Dubai for nursing jobs that pay for foreigners. Yes, the job search process can be challenging! Before receiving an offer for a job with a business, you may have to go through a number of interviews and examinations. You can learn what to do from this job posting in order to secure the greatest position.

Nursing Jobs in Dubai Available To Foreigners Nursing Jobs in Dubai

The most recent staff nurse openings, nursing jobs at public hospitals, private hospitals, and clinics in the UAE are proudly announced by But you must first register with the Dubai Health Authority if you are a newcomer to the city. More details are available on the DHA website. In the UAE, staff nurses are required in both private and governmental hospitals. Continue reading if you’re actually looking for a staff nursing job in Dubai.

Hospitals in Dubai employ a large percentage of foreign nurses. In any hospital in Dubai, local nurses were hard to come by. The hospitals and healthcare facilities in Dubai employ a large number of nurses from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

In hospitals, nurses are widely revered and supported because they work in a noble profession. because they treat patients like members of their own family and offer them with a homelike environment.

How Can I Find Nursing Jobs in Hospitals in Dubai?

Finding employment as an assistant nurse in Dubai can be challenging. We’ll go over the steps you need to do in this post to land a job with a respectable company.

You should first investigate various employers’ hiring criteria for the position you want in Dubai. Next, decide which abilities you have that employers are seeking. For instance, you should have knowledge of emergency nursing conditions if you are looking for a nursing job in Dubai with a wage. Finally, incorporate social media into your marketing plan.

If you want to work as a registered nurse in Dubai, you must make sure that your credentials match the requirements of the post.

Make sure you learn all the facts you require about potential employers when conducting your research on them. Are they publicly traded or privately owned? What is the structure of their company? Do they have a formal HR division? This will assist in figuring out what degree of education and experience are required to receive an offer from them.

How Much Money Does a Registered Nurse Make in Dubai Each Month?

In Dubai, registered nurses receive top-notch benefits in addition to a good income. A licensed nurse likely earns between 6,000 and 12,000 dirhams each month. However, the pay for nurses is determined by their educational background, competencies, and skills. A DHA certificate is required to secure a suitable job. The DHA certificate attests that you are a licensed nurse and are authorized to work in Dubai’s medical facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

In Dubai, how do I apply for nursing jobs?

Visit to browse a variety of nursing jobs in Dubai and the UAE. There, you can also see all online job postings for the healthcare industry. You can find a job that fits your skill set, qualifications, and interests by conducting an internet job search. This will not only enable you to narrow down your search, but it will also shorten the time it takes to receive a job offer.

Some firms favor hiring applicants who have at least two years of experience in their profession. If you lack the necessary experience, look into the several positions that are offered in your preferred industry. Before submitting an application for a job with an employer, you could discover some exciting opportunities! Check out our job listings for nursing positions at NMC Hospital Jobs in Dubai, Al-Zahra Hospital Careers, and Zelekha Hospital Careers in Dubai.

Once you’ve located a job posting, follow these steps to submit an online application for the position:

  • Select the business’ website and submit an application there.
  • Describe yourself, including your contact information, your preferred wage range, and how you learned about the job.
  • Upload your resume or cv
  • Respond to questions during the interview process about yourself.

If you have years of experience working as a nurse in a hospital or healthcare facility in your native country, or if you are a DHA registered nurse. So you believe yourself qualified for Dubai nursing employment. To put it another way, you can think of yourself as qualified to apply for assistant nursing jobs in Dubai. Major hospitals, clinics, and health facilities in Dubai accept freshmen without DHA permits as well. In hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities, the registered nurse offers patients with exceptional medical care.

Qualifications For Nurse Jobs In Dubai:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or a general nursing diploma
  • a current HAAD/MOH license issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Basic computer skills and the ability to communicate successfully with patients, families, doctors, and hospital personnel
  • professional and polite demeanor
  • Experience healthcare at home
  • having worked in an intensive care unit or emergency room
  • Professionalism, friendliness, and strong communication abilities

If you satisfy the aforementioned prerequisites and are ready to apply for nursing jobs in Dubai right now, simply scroll down, select the appropriate position, and submit your application. For each job posting, the email address or phone number is shown below.

Job Position: Registered Nurse
Company: Camellia Clinic
Job Location: Kalba, Sharjah
Salary: AED8,500 – AED10,000 a month
Appointment: Full-time
Gender: Female
Experience: 2 years
Qualification: Eligibility letter or MOH (Preferred)
We are looking for a registered nurse or assistant nurse, for a medical centre must be registered and have experience in Laser at least two years
Apply NowJob Position: Hemodialysis Nurse
Company: CIMS Medical Recruitment
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED7,500 a month
Appointment: Full-time
Gender: Female
Experience: 1 yearQualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Must be a Registered Nurse (RN).
DHA Licensee/DHA Eligibility Letter
Currently residing in the United Arab Emirates.
1+ years experience as a hemodialysis/dialysis nurse in the home country
We are looking for a registered nurse or assistant nurse, for a medical centre must be registered and have experience in Laser at least two years

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Job Position: Registered Nurse
Company: Baniyas Medical Clinics
Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Salary: AED3000 – 5000 a month
Appointment: Full-time
Gender: Male/Female
Experience: 1 year
Qualification: Bachelor’s (Preferred) & Eligibility letter or DOH (Preferred)
Medical Center at Baniyas City, Hiring Registered Nurse with DOH License

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Job Position: Home Care Nurse
Company: Al Mumtaz Home Health Care
Job Location: Dubai
Salary: AED4000 – 7000 a month
Appointment: Full-time
Gender: Male/Female
Experience: 1 year
Qualification: Bachelor’s (Preferred) & The nursing license in home country (Preferred)
Registered Nurse. Can be registered in the home country and must have a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Will have housekeeping duties with patients at home and should have relevant knowledge of nursing procedures and standards.
Must be prepared to take the MOH licensure exam in the future.

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Job Position: Nurse Trainer
Company: Riva Laser Medical Center
Job Location: Al Nahda, Dubai
Salary: Unspecified
Appointment: Full-time
Gender: Male/Female
Experience: A minimum of 2 years of direct experience in patient care
Qualification: Nursing Degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent) and a current registered licenseRiva Institute is hiring a Nurse Trainer based in Dubai, UAE.
Candidate should have excellent knowledge of English.
Strong computer skills (Microsoft, Excel, Apple products)
Willingness to work within and with faith-based organizations
If interested, send your resume to

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Job Category: Health Care Dubai
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dubai

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