Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs For Freshers

Are you a new driver seeking for a job as a taxi driver in Sharjah? For those who have recently obtained their UAE driver’s licenses or who do not yet have one, the Road and Transport Authority of Sharjah is advertising Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs. Candidates of all nationalities are being sought after by Sharjah Taxi Company to work as taxi drivers. All drivers can get free visas from Sharjah Taxi. Without a driver’s license, you are welcome to apply for taxi driver jobs in Sharjah with Sharjah Taxi.

Job Details

Company: Sharjah Taxi LLC
Job Role: Taxi Driver
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Type: Full Time
Min. Education: High School / Secondary
Language(s): English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic
Gender: Male/Female
Nationality: Any
Min. Experience: 1-2 Years
Job Location: Sharjah
State: Sharjah
Country: United Arab Emirates
Salary: AED 4000-5000
Benefits: Commission on daily earnings
Listed By: Employer

Obligations and specifications

You can apply for Sharjah taxi driver employment if you have at least a high school graduation, are proficient in reading and writing, and have good communication skills. It is the duty of cab drivers to drive passengers to their destinations. To join its team, Sharjah Taxi is seeking experienced, dependable, industrious, and sociable taxi drivers.

What Tasks Fall Under the Purview of a Sharjah Taxi Driver?

The taxi driver’s duties include picking up and dropping off neighborhood residents, as well as collecting fare. Additionally, you must ensure that every passenger travels without incident and meets all of their needs along the way. A successful cabbie is consistently on time and trustworthy. He shows a lot of love and respect to his clients. Before applying for taxi jobs in Sharjah, thoroughly review the following points:

  • To locate passengers at the busiest markets, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers
  • Whenever necessary, assist passengers with loading and unloading their belongings.
  • As instructed by the Transport Authority, start and stop the taximeter at the appropriate times.
  • selecting the quickest route to get the passenger where he needs to go
  • When dropping off customers, pick the safest area of the road.
  • Make sure passengers don’t leave their valuables in the taxi as they exit.
  • Observe all driving laws and regulations.
  • ensuring the safety of the passengers when they are traveling
  • Do not charge the consumer more than what is indicated on the meter.
  • Make sure the car is spotless both inside and out.

What Qualifications Are Needed for Taxi Driver Positions in Sharjah?

  • You must have completed at least matriculation.
  • Your vision should be clear at all distances, day and night.
  • A current UAE driver’s license is required.
  • a taxi company’s legitimate taxi card issued for the transportation of passengers
  • You must not have any sort of criminal history.
  • driving experience in the UAE is required, as is familiarity with traffic and road laws.
  • competent with GPS software
  • possess outstanding organizational and time-management abilities
  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 50.
  • A visitor’s visa, a revoked visa, or a transferrable visa is required.

What Perks and Pay Do Taxi Driver Jobs in Sharjah Offer?

For Taxi Driver Jobs in Sharjah, there is no set wage; instead, you only receive a commission based on your earnings. The amount of your salary is determined by subtracting the cost of fuel from your overall income. In addition to having guaranteed your position with the taxi company if you work hard, you will also receive a very fair income at the end of the month.

Lazy people have no place in the taxi industry. You must understand how to profit from your cab within 24 hours in order to operate a taxi in Sharjah. You are permitted to use a taxi car in Sharjah by taxi firms every single day. However, you are required to deposit your daily wages at the business’ cash registers every day. In contrast, you can only maintain taxis accessible for 12-hour shifts if you work as a taxi driver in Dubai.

  • A motivated and hardworking taxi driver in Sharjah can expect to make between 4,000 and 5,000 dirhams each month.
  • Your free three-year visa will be provided by the Sharjah taxi firm.
  • The business covers the cost of the visa transfer.
  • Additionally, there is no payment for training or health insurance.

What Qualifications Are Required for Taxi Driver Positions in Sharjah?

The following are the requirements for employment as a cab driver in Sharjah:

  • A valid UAE driver’s license is required.
  • a minimum of a high school diploma
  • able to write and read English.
  • Excellent English, Hindi/Urdu, or fundamental Arabic communication
  • younger than 45 years old
  • good vision
  • able to work a variety of flexible shifts.

In Sharjah, how do I apply for taxi driver jobs in 2023?

It can be challenging to find a driver’s job in Sharjah with a new license if you recently received your license. New drivers are not covered by insurance providers. Such applicants should submit an application to any Sharjah cab firm. I advise them to submit an application for Sharjah Taxi Jobs.

If you put in a lot of effort and are committed, you can succeed in a taxi profession in Sharjah and earn well. You need a valid UAE driver’s license and at least a matric pass to qualify for Sharjah Taxi Driver Jobs. You will be hired if you bring your updated resume, a copy of your passport, six passport-size pictures, and your ID card to Sharjah Taxi HQ. You can send your resume and other information to the email address listed below.

How To Apply: To apply for this job, please forward your CV to Sharjah Taxi HR by emailing

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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dubai

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