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We are now looking for experienced and dedicated waiters and waitresses to join our team so that we can provide our visitors with great customer service and dining experiences that they will remember for a long time. You will be responsible for taking orders, serving food and beverages, and seeing to it that the needs of our customers are satisfied in a timely and effective manner if you are hired for the position of Waiter or Waitress.

Job Position: Waiter
Job Location: Thompson, MB
Company: 3294898 MB LTD.
Salary: $15 Hourly
Job type: Full Time
Working Hours: 40 Hours a week

Principal Duties and Obligations:

• Provide suggestions and recommendations on menu items • Ensure guest satisfaction by anticipating and responding to their needs • Greet guests and present menus • Take and process customer orders • Serve food and beverages to guests • Serve food and beverages to guests • Provide suggestions and recommendations on menu items • Ensure guest satisfaction by anticipating and responding to their needs • Monitor and maintain cleanliness of dining areas and workstations • Handle cash and credit card payments and accurately process transactions • Collaborate with kitchen staff to ensure timely and accurate delivery of food orders • Maintain


• You must have completed high school or have the equivalent
• Proven experience working as a waiter or waitress • Excellent customer service skills • Strong communication and interpersonal skills • Capability to work in a fast-paced environment • Attention to detail and accuracy • Capability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends and holidays • Capability to stand for extended periods of time • Capability to lift and carry up to 25 pounds • Basic math and computer skills • A valid work permit is required in order to be employed in Canada.

We provide wages that are competitive in the market, scheduling options that are flexible, and possibilities for professional development and progress. We strongly encourage you to submit an application for this exciting position if you have a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and take pleasure in working in an environment that is both dynamic and interesting.

What Duties Does a Waiter Have?

In a restaurant, a bar, or any other place that provides food service, it is the duty of the waiter or waitress to provide the patrons with an exceptional level of customer service. Their key responsibilities consist of taking orders from customers for meals and beverages, serving customers’ meals and beverages, and ensuring that customers have a pleasant experience overall.

To be more specific, some of the duties of a waiter may include the following:

  • Attending to the needs of guests and showing them to their seats
  • Providing menus and responding to any inquiries regarding the products on the menu
  • The process of receiving customer orders and processing them into a point-of-sale system
  • The provision of food and drink to guests the monitoring of guests throughout their meals to ascertain whether or not they are content with the provision of food and drink to them
  • Taking away the used dishes and glasses from the table Providing the guests with the bill and managing any necessary financial transactions
  • Cleaning and resetting the tables in preparation for the next group of guests
    coordinating efforts with the other members of the staff to guarantee that the restaurant runs efficiently.
  • Taking care of any problems or concerns that may emerge during the course of the meal with the customers.
  • In general, the role of a waiter is to give outstanding customer service to patrons and to make certain that they have a positive and memorable eating experience.

Educational and Professional Development Opportunities

The employer as well as the required level of experience determines the education and training experiences that are necessary to become a waiter or waitress. The education and training experiences required to become a waiter or waitress might vary. In general, having degrees and experiences such as the following are advantageous:

Diploma from High School or Its Equivalent: If you want to work as a waiter or waitress, most restaurants and other places that serve food need you to have a diploma from high school or its equivalent.

On-the-Job Training: The majority of businesses offer on-the-job training to new waitstaff in order to educate them the unique regulations and procedures of the restaurant, such as how to use the point-of-sale system, how to handle food and drinks, and how to provide outstanding customer service. This training can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the employer.

Certification in Food Service Some states or municipalities require waitstaff who handle food or drinks to have certification in food service or to have completed training in this area. This certification could include discussions on subjects like the cleanliness, hygiene, and safety of food.

Experience in Customer Service Previous experience in customer service, such as in retail or hospitality, might be advantageous for a waiter or waitress, as they will be dealing directly with clients and need to be able to deliver outstanding service.

Language Abilities: Being able to communicate fluently in a second language, such as Spanish or French, is very desirable in some fields and may even be necessary in others, such as the hospitality industry, which serves a very diverse clientele.

Continuing Education: In order to progress in their careers, some waiters and waitresses may decide to enrol in further training, such as classes in hospitality management or wine service, in order to strengthen their abilities and broaden their understanding of the hospitality sector.

In general, a formal education is not generally required for a career as a waiter or waitress; however, on-the-job training, experience working with customers, and certification in food service can be useful for people who are pursuing employment in this sector.

Compensation and Advantages

Waiters and waitresses can expect their pay and benefits to fluctuate depending on a number of criteria like their degree of experience, the sort of institution they work in, and their location. The following information can be helpful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the benefits and salaries that are offered to waitstaff in general:

Hourly rate The majority of waiters and waitresses are paid an hourly rate, which might differ from location to location, establishment to establishment, and level of experience gained over time. As of May 2020, the Bureau of Labour Statistics in the United States estimated that the median hourly wage for waiters and waitresses in the country was $11.42 per hour.

The wait staff at many restaurants also earn tips from the guests they serve, which can greatly boost the total amount of pay they receive. It is possible for there to be a significant degree of variation in the quantity of tips based on the location of the restaurant, the demographics of the customers, and other factors.

Benefits: Full-time employees at some restaurants may be eligible for various benefits, including health insurance, retirement programmes, and paid vacation time. On the other hand, these benefits are not usually made available to hourly or part-time employees.

Waiters and waitresses typically have a flexible work schedule, which enables them to work part-time or take time off whenever it is necessary. This flexibility also allows them to provide excellent customer service. Because of the restaurant’s high volume of business, however, it is possible that they will also be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Additional Benefits: Some dining establishments may provide their employees with additional benefits, such as free meals or discounts on food and beverages.

In general, the hourly compensation for waitstaff may not be particularly high; but, the possibility of gratuities and the flexibility of schedules can make this a fulfilling vocation for those who take pleasure in giving outstanding customer service.


In conclusion, a waiter or waitress is accountable for delivering outstanding customer service and making certain that patrons have a pleasant time while dining at the establishment where they work. It’s possible to become a waiter or waitress with little more than a high school diploma or its equivalent, some on-the-job training, and some experience working in customer service at another employment. However, there are exceptions to each of these requirements.

Waiters and waitresses are normally paid an hourly pay, and in addition, they may get tips from patrons. Benefits like health insurance and retirement plans may be made accessible to full-time employees, but they are not usually made available to part-time or hourly employees in the same capacity. Those who appreciate working in a fast-paced workplace that is focused on the customer can find this to be a satisfying career, despite the potential for a relatively low hourly salary. The flexible schedule and the potential for tips can make this a lucrative employment.

Job Category: Canada Jobs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Canada

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